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GoDCer Shares 1925 Family Photos
Thanks to GoDCer Judith for sharing her grandparents photos from their honeymoon Washington visit in 1925. Mt. Vernon east lawn Mt. Vernon green house George Washington’s tomb Mt. Vernon south porch view of Capitol in 1925 Below is her note: I thought these might be interesting. These photos were taken by my grandparents who visited the DC area on their honeymoon in 1925....
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Two Great Photos of Mount Vernon in 1932, the 133rd Anniversary of George Washington's Funeral
Take a look back in time with these two great photos of Mount Vernon in 1932, the 133rd anniversary of George Washington's funeral. GoDCer Mollie sent these in to share with the community.
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Terrific 1918 Photograph of Mount Vernon
What did Mount Vernon look like in 1918?
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