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When Did Metro Open in D.C.?
Metro in Washington DC opened on March 27th, 1976. All rides were free that day on the 4.6 miles of tracks.
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What Did Metro Center Look Like in 1935?
This fascinating old photograph shows Washington at 13th and F St. NW in 1935. This area today is Metro Center. Click on it for greater details. October 1935. Washington, D.C. “Capital Transit buses, F and 13th sts. NW.” Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street. Source: Shorpy
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What Did Metro Center Look Like Under Construction in 1973?
Check out this great set of photos from 1973, showing construction of Metro Center underground. Also, don’t miss these other great old Metro photos showing Dupont Circle we posted a while ago. Underground photo of Metro Center construction in 1973 Source: Library of Congress Photo of Metro Center in 1973 Source: Library of Congress
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What Did G Street Look Like in the 1930s?
Check out this amazing old photo of G St. at 13th St. in 1930. The photo was taken on May 25th, 1930. 13th and G St. Source: Dig DC
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Exploring the 700 Block of 12th Street NW in 1920: A Look at Metro Center Before it Was Metro Center
Take a look back at the 700 block of 12th Street NW in 1920. This is the area around Metro Center today, and you won't believe how different it looks! See the photo and read more about it here.
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The History of Washington DC's Metro Center Station
Learn about the history of Washington DC's Metro Center Station, from the 1969 plans for the station to the current hub of the DC Metro. Discover stories about the station's construction and how it became the bustling hub it is today.
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Three Random Stories About Farragut Square
What is the history of Farragut Square in Washington, DC? Read three great stories from its past.
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