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Remember Marjorie Morris? GoDCer Steve Finds Amazing Piece of Internet Gold!
GoDCer Steve recently found an amazing piece of Internet gold about Marjorie Morris, the intrepid young Washingtonian, noted for her wild adventures. Check out the amazing discovery and the Cleveland Park Historical Society website.
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Uncovering the Story of Marjorie Morris: Documenting Her Trip Overseas and Reunion with Stanley Nishwitz
I was able to find two documents related to Marjorie Morris on Ancestry.com. Learn more about her trip overseas with her family in 1926, reunion with Stanley Nishwitz and her 1940 U.S. Census record with Daniel Sinclair.
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Hilltop Football Victory Wins Bride for Student: The 1928 Story of Marjorie Morris and F Stanley Nishwitz
In 1928, a football victory at Georgetown University resulted in a surprise wedding for Marjorie Morris and F Stanley Nishwitz. Read the story of this unique bet and the final score that rang the wedding bells!
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Ah, Kids Will Be Kids: A Look at a Wild Flapper-Era Party in Chevy Chase and a Burlesque Show at the Strand Theater
Ah, kids will be kids. Even your grandparents and great-grandparents were kids once, and they too got themselves into trouble. Read about this wild flapper-era "whoopee" party in Chevy Chase and a burlesque show at the Strand Theater in downtown Washington, D.C.
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