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a death warrant being read to inmate Wirz on the gallows
A Macabre Photo Share: The Execution of Henry Wirz for War Crimes in the Civil War
A macabre photo share from 1865 of Henry Wirz being executed for war crimes in the Civil War. Wirz was captain of the prisoner of war Camp Sumter near Andersonville, Georgia and one of only two men tried, convicted, and executed for war crimes in the Civil War.
James Madison Wyatt Stone in the Washington Post
The Bizarre Story of James Madison Wyatt Stone's Decapitation During a Hanging in 1880
Read the bizarre story of James Madison Wyatt Stone's execution in 1880, which resulted in his decapitation during a hanging. This article from the Washington Post is filled with gruesome details that are sure to shock and horrify.
Inside the District jail during Christmas around 1920 (Library of Congress)
The Last Execution by Hanging in the District: The Tale of Herbert Copeland
Learn the story of Herbert Copeland, the last person to be executed by hanging in the District. Copeland was a cop killer who had murdered three policemen in cold blood in 1918. He was captured and eventually hanged in 1925, leaving behind a confession with details of his escape and other unsolved murders.

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