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Gonzaga school bus
Unearthing an Old Clip: Gonzaga's School Bus from 1923
Take a look back at the past with this old clip from the Washington Post from September 30th, 1923. It shows an old school bus that Gonzaga had procured to transport their athletic teams around the city and region.
The Washington Herald - December 20th, 1920
A Look Back at The Washington Herald from December 20th, 1920: The "Merchant of Venice" and a Mardi Gras-themed Inaugural Ball
Take a look back to December 20th, 1920 with this page from The Washington Herald. Learn about the "Merchant of Venice" performed by Gonzaga students and the Mardi Gras-themed inaugural ball for Warren G. Harding.
New Gonzaga College advertisement in the Washington Times - August 31st, 1913
New Gonzaga College Advertisement in the Washington Times - August 31st, 1913
Read about the history of Gonzaga College and their 1913 advertisement in the Washington Times. Learn more about the Jesuits' persistence and the school's current status as the premier Catholic high school of Washington.

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