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view of the Franklin School in the 1920s
A Closer Look at the Historic Franklin School in the 1920s
Get a closer look at the historic Franklin School in the 1920s, which still stands today and is being turned into a language-arts museum. See the photos and learn more about this incredible transformation!
Franklin Square in the snow - April 9th, 1889
The History of Franklin Square: From Natural Spring Water to Civil War Barracks
Explore the fascinating history of Franklin Square, from its natural spring water that supplied the White House in the 1800s to the Civil War barracks that occupied the park in 1861. Learn about the history of this 4.79-acre city square park in Washington, DC.
Casino Royal Adult Theatre advertisement in the Washington Post - December 15th, 1977
The Rise and Fall of Washington's Red Light District in the 1970s and 80s
Explore the history of Washington's red light district in the 1970s and 80s, and the rise of development that eventually drove out the unsavory sex shops. Featuring an article from the Washington Post in 1978.

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