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Fort Totten

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Exploring Rural Northeast Washington D.C. a Century Ago
Explore the rural northeast region of Washington D.C. a century ago with a 1907 map from the Library of Congress. See how the area has changed over time and discover the amazing history of the city.
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Another Amazing Photo of Fort Totten
World War I photo of military camp near Fort Totten.
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Explore Civil War Photographs of Fort Totten in Washington, DC
Take a look at the Civil War history of Fort Totten in Washington, DC with these incredible photos. See the panoramic view from 1863, the interior of the fort, and a 100 pound Parrott gun. Explore the past with us!
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Exploring Fort Totten Through a Photograph from 1865
Explore Fort Totten through a rare photograph taken just after the Civil War in 1865. See the 3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery at the gate of the fort in this remarkable image.
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Exploring Civil War Map of D.C. and Its Surroundings
Take a look at this Civil War map of D.C. and its surroundings. Click on it for greater detail and you'll be able to see all the fortifications around the city, including Fort Totten and Fort Lincoln.
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