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A Rare Look Back in Time - A Film Clip of Pennsylvania Ave. NW Between 10th and 11th Streets Taken in 1909
Check out this incredible GoDCer contribution - a 1909 film clip of Pennsylvania Ave. NW between 10th and 11th Streets. Tom from Bethesda sent this over to share with everyone else. Watch the whole thing and marvel at how chaotic the street scene was back then.
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Murders Committed, Trains Held Up, and Helpless Women Robbed, But Officers Do Nothing to Check Outlawry, for the "Crimes" Are in Moving Pictures.
Discover the 1911 story of Fort Myer, in Arlington, VA being used as a movie set for silent films. Murders, trains held up, and helpless women robbed - but it's just moving pictures! Learn more about this amazing story.
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