Faces & Places of Yesterday, Then and Now / 18.01.2012

Here are a couple photos from my new favorite site, Shorpy. This was taken on January 5th, 1921 at the intersection of Columbia Rd. and Sherman Ave. NW. Now this is cool ... take a look at the photo of the same intersection today (courtesy Google Street View). Both photos are looking east down Columbia Rd. The whole row of homes on the right is still there. Below, read what was written in the Post a few days later on January 8th.
Other Cool Stuff / 09.01.2012

Evidently, horses racing through the streets of Columbia Heights was a dangerous thing at the turn of the century. This article I came across from July 9th, 1900 talks about a recent accident leading to new regulations.
A skillful hand is required to guide a team of spirited horses, rushing madly through crowded streets in response to an alarm of fire. The advent of the swiftly moving electric car and the vast extension of trackage in this city has made these wild runs of the engines doubly hazardous. The man who holds the reins has his own life and the lives of his brother firemen in his hands as he urges his tearing steeds across car tracks around corners and among vehicles of every description.
Doesn't this sound slightly like the current chaos of the fire trucks screaming -- at the highest possible decibel level -- down 14th St. NW, weaving through traffic as they pass Target and Best Buy.