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Fire and Police Station location s in 1880

Cool 1880 Map of Fire and Police Stations in D.C.

Where were the police and fire stations located in Washington back in 1880? Check out this great old map. Source: Library of Congress This was done by the same people that did the great 1880 property values map, street sweeping

Fire Horse Mysteriously Stabbed With Pitchfork

What a horrible story. We found this printed in The Washington Post on April 6th, 1907. Fire Chief Belt yesterday ordered a thorough investigation of the stabbing with a pitchfork of a fire department horse at No. 8 engine house on the

D.C. Fire Dept. car for Semmes Motor Co." National Photo Company Collection glass negative (Shorpy)

D.C. Fire Department Car in 1922

Here’s a Sunday night photo for you as you’re trolling the Internet, dreading tomorrow (case of the Mondays?). This is a super high-resolution photo of an old D.C. Fire Department car from 1922. Click on it for better details. Related

Close up of accident at Columbia Rd. and Sherman Ave. NW

Wreck at Columbia Rd. and Sherman Ave. NW

Here are a couple photos from my new favorite site, Shorpy. This was taken on January 5th, 1921 at the intersection of Columbia Rd. and Sherman Ave. NW. Now this is cool … take a look at the photo of

Perils of a Columbia Heights Fire Run (1900)

Evidently, horses racing through the streets of Columbia Heights was a dangerous thing at the turn of the century. This article I came across from July 9th, 1900 talks about a recent accident leading to new regulations. A skillful hand

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