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Tag: District of Columbia Fire Department

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Where to Find Fire and Police Stations in Washington in 1880?
Explore an old map of Washington in 1880 and discover the exact locations of the fire stations and police stations. Learn about the history of the city through this fascinating map.
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What the Fire Department Looked Like in 1912
Check out this cool look at what the fire department looked like in 1912! Three brave firemen are on a fire engine pulled by three horses in a photo from the Library of Congress.
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D.C. Fire Department Car in 1922
Here’s a Sunday night photo for you as you’re trolling the Internet, dreading tomorrow (case of the Mondays?). D.C. Fire Dept. car for Semmes Motor Co.” National Photo Company Collection glass negative (Shorpy) This is a super high-resolution photo of an old D.C. Fire Department car from 1922. Click on it for better details. Related articles Vice President Calvin Coolidge Evacuates...
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Last Fire Horses for D.C. Fire Department: Three Things You Didn't Know
Learn the stories of the last three fire horses for the District of Columbia Fire Department. Read about their last run, retirement floral tribute, and the sad tale of their final days.
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Comparing Photos from Columbia Rd. and Sherman Ave. NW in 1921 and Today
Compare photos from 1921 and today at the intersection of Columbia Rd. and Sherman Ave. NW in Washington, D.C. See the same row of homes still standing and read about the automobile accident that happened there in 1921.
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The Danger of Fire Trucks Racing Through Crowded Streets in 1900
A thrilling account of horses racing through crowded streets in response to fire alarms. Read about the dangerous conditions that prompted new regulations.
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