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V Drive - April 1919

1919 Photo of Treasury Department

Thanks to GoDCer Jim for sending this in via Facebook. His cousin Catherine has it hanging on her wall, and it’s a photo of the opening of the V Drive at Treasury on April 21st, 1919.

1850s Construction Photos of Treasury Building

Here is a cool series of photographs from the 1850s, when the Department of Treasury’s building on 15th St. was under construction. Source: Library of Congress We have a couple other great photos of the Treasury Department posted here and

View east on Pennsylvania Ave. in front of the Department of Treasury

Treasury Department on Pennsylvania Avenue in 1890

What a great photo. We uncovered this one at the Historical Society of D.C. website. Source: Historical Society of D.C. BTW, they have so many incredible photos that nobody gets to see because they aren’t online. Send them an email

eastward view down Pennsylvania Avenue

Stunning 1905 Landscape Photographs of Pennsylvania Avenue

What a beautiful photograph. This was taken by the Rotograph Company in 1905 with a eastward view down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Capitol. Source: Library of Congress Below is the opposite westward view down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol. Source:

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