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Why Is Constitution Avenue Called What It Is Today?
Back in 1931, Constitution Avenue was called B Street. Read this blog post to find out why it was renamed Constitution Avenue and when it happened. View the vintage images to get a feel of what it was like back then!
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Exploring the History of Center Market Through This Cool Old Photo
Take a look at this cool old photo of Center Market, which occupied the northeast corner of 9th Street NW. See the many produce stalls and horse-drawn vehicles in the cobblestone street!
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Constitution Avenue Almost Renamed Franklin or L'Enfant Avenue
Constitution Avenue used to be named B Streets. That wasn't impressive enough so Congress had a few options.
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A Look Back in Time: An Aerial View of Washington, D.C. Circa 1921
Take a journey back in time and explore this aerial view of Washington, D.C. circa 1921. In the foreground, you can see the Red Cross building and in the background, the Washington Monument and the Old Post Office Building. Click on the photo for a larger image.
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Check Out This Epic Traffic Jam on Constitution Avenue from 1937 - Do You Know Why It's Called Constitution Avenue?
Check out this epic traffic jam on Constitution Avenue from 1937 - and find out why it's called Constitution Avenue! Learn about the history of this iconic street in Washington DC.
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Why Is It Named Constitution Avenue?
Do you know why it's named Constitution Avenue? There's an interesting story behind it which includes the state of Wisconsin.
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The 1911 Marathon From Laurel to D.C. Won By Henry Elphinstone From Baltimore
In 1911, Henry Elphinstone from Baltimore won the marathon from Laurel to D.C., two minutes faster than the second-place runner. Read to learn more about the race, Henry Elphinstone's background and the results.
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