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Merry Christmas GoDCers: Revisiting the Christmas Day Front Pages of 1913 Washington
Today marks the 100th anniversary of the front pages of The Washington Times and The Washington Herald in 1913. GoDCers, have a Merry Christmas and take a look back at what the holiday looked like in DC a century ago!
Washington, D.C., circa 1920. "Margaret Clark." A Christmas tree with all the trimmings, and a Buick. Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.
Merry Christmas to all GoDCers! Taking a Break Until the New Year
As we near the end of 2020, we want to wish all GoDCers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We'll be taking a break from posting until the new year, so we'll see you in 2021!
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Remembering the Denby Christmas Tree: A Look Back at a Formal Christmas Celebrated by Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby and His Son
Take a look back at a formal Christmas celebrated by Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby and his son. See the photo of the Denby Christmas tree and learn the tragic story of Edwin Denby, Jr.

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