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Chevy Chase

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Exploring History: Map of Chevy Chase, Section 2 from 1890
Check out this amazing map of Chevy Chase, Section 2 from 1890. Discover the history of this incredible place with us at the Library of Congress!
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Whoopee Party in Chevy Chase Ends in Tragedy with a Fatal Blow (1929)
A “whoopee” party in Chevy Chase, Virginia in 1929 ended in tragedy with a fatal blow, leaving a mystery shrouding the manner in which the death occurred. Read more to find out what happened.
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What $500 Down Payment in 1911 Chevy Chase Would Be Worth Today
Ever wonder what a $500 down payment in 1911 Chevy Chase would be worth today? Find out in this blog post, and learn why Chevy Chase ain't cheap!
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Highlighting an Old Local Baseball Hero: Joe Judge
Learn about Joe Judge, Washington's first baseman for almost 18 seasons starting in 1915 up until 1932. Joe was a fine ball player, batting .300 or higher in nine seasons and set a number of American League records. Read about his career and his embrace of the city of Washington.
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Uncovering the Development of Chevy Chase in 1918
Explore the development of Chevy Chase in Washington, D.C. in 1918, just after Armistice Day. Discover the new homes, rising prices, and the impact of the war on the area with this exploration of Fulton R. Gordon's plans for the area.
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3 Things You Didn't Know Happened at Chevy Chase Circle
Take a trip to the far reaches of the District and learn about 3 things you didn't know happened at Chevy Chase Circle: a tragic suicide, a cricket match, and a tornado!
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