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An Interesting Advertisement from the Washington Times, November 6th, 1913
Check out this vintage advertisement from the Washington Times on November 6th, 1913, featuring the new auto-bike! See the original source, plus an interesting glimpse into the past.
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The Times Boy and His Bicycle: Why Does He Look So Pissed?
A photo of a boy in Washington, D.C., 1921. He won a Mead Ranger bike by selling 30 newspaper subscriptions. The Ranger contest was a promotion of various papers from 1917-1923. Why does he look so pissed?
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Girls, Garters and Bikes
Here’s a curious old photograph for you. This one is from 1925 and features Mildred Billert and Hazel Bowman, both of Ned Wayburn‘s Revue, a vaudeville show. February 7, 1925. Washington, D.C. “Mildred Billert and Hazel Bowman of Ned Wayburn’s Revue.” National Photo Company glass negative. (Shorpy) A few things you should notice about the photo … the two women are...
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Well-Dressed Couple Riding an 1886-Model Bicycle South of the White House
Take a look at this amazing photo found in the National Archives. This smartly-dressed couple is riding an 1886-Model bicycle just south of the White House in Washington, D.C.
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Rambler Bicycles Use the Fastest Tires on Earth
This city loves bikes … okay, a few angry drivers hate bikes, but they should work through those issues. WABA is a huge local advocate for our region, pushing for the greener form of transportation. Capital Bikeshare has also exploded as of late, so much so, that I couldn’t find a bike this weekend when I desperately needed one. Yes, I recognize that there are far larger problems I could...
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