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A Fascinating Look Back: The Construction of JFK's Eternal Flame at Arlington National Cemetery
Take a look back at this fascinating photograph of the construction of JFK's Eternal Flame at Arlington National Cemetery in October 1965. See the photo and read the story here!
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A Photo Shared by GoDC Reader Carol and a Former Tomb Guard's Perspective
Carol shared a cool photo with us, and we're hoping to get some insight from a former Tomb Guard. GoDCer Ben, can you add your comments below? See the photo and find out more here!
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The Historical Significance of the Photograph of Arlington National Cemetery, 1922
This powerful photo of Arlington National Cemetery in 1922 speaks for itself. With the USS Maine Memorial rising at left, it holds significant historical value. Discover the story behind this photo!
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Honoring the Unknown Loyal Dead: Frederick Douglass at Arlington National Cemetery, May 30, 1871
Honor the fallen soldiers of the Civil War with Frederick Douglass' speech, "The Unknown Loyal Dead." Hear his words and read more about his visit to Arlington National Cemetery on May 30, 1871.
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The 1939 Tribute to Abner Doubleday at Arlington National Cemetery
Learn about the 1939 baseball season tribute to Abner Doubleday at Arlington National Cemetery with Clark Griffith, Joe McCarthy, and Bucky Harris. Read about the disputed role of Abner Doubleday in the birth of baseball and the ceremony at his grave.
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Unnamed Sailor and Girlfriend Visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in 1943
An amazing old color photo taken in May 1943 by John Collier shows an unnamed sailor and his girlfriend visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. See the powerful photos and learn what happened to them during and after the war.
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Mayflower Hotel Maid Finds Woman Near Death; Husband Shoots Self Through Heart
This title is worthy of a big #WTF. Posts like this are sadly some of the more popular ones. I don’t know if GoDCers are attracted to the macabre, but it sure seems that way. So here’s another one for “From the Crazy Vault.” Lieutenant Colonel Richard Bennett (Washington Post) This is a crazy story of a military officer who shoots his wife while she was asleep and...
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Haunting Colorized Photo of The Unknown Soldier from WWI in 1921
A haunting and solemn colorized photo of The Unknown Soldier from WWI arriving at the Washington Navy Yard in 1921. Learn more about this historic event and related articles on Ghosts of DC.
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Officer Sprinkle: Captured Geronimo, Accused Bootlegger, and Bodyguard to President Wilson
A couple of reader comments about an Officer Sprinkle in this earlier post piqued my interest in finding out a little more about the guy who has the kind of name you’d give to a cat. An unforgettable name, so hopefully I’ll be able to dig up enough information on this guy to write a post worthy of being “A Personal Story.” Joshua Sprinkle – Boyd Joshua L. Sprinkle...
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Woodrow Wilson's Role in Honoring the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery
Learn about President Woodrow Wilson's role in honoring the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Explore the historic events surrounding this momentous occasion, including the Evening Public Ledger's coverage and Wilson's visit to the Tomb of the Unknowns. Visit Woodrow Wilson House for more information.
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Uncovering the History of 1036 Park Rd. NW
Explore the history of 1036 Park Rd. NW in Washington D.C. through a historical sleuthing mission. Uncover the stories from the 1912 building permit, the marriage of Benjamin and Olga, Joseph Bryant's Commerce Department career, and City Wide Learning Centers.
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Remembering JFK: A Powerful Video of the Kennedy Family Leaving the White House
A powerful and moving video of the Kennedy family leaving the White House after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy is also seen visiting JFK's grave in Arlington Cemetery.
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