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A Rare Look at Gerald Ford and Dick Cheney on Air Force One
Take a rare look at Gerald Ford and Dick Cheney on Air Force One back in September 1976. Learn more about the history of this iconic plane at GhostsofDC.org.
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Uncovering the History of Andrews Air Force Base: Who Was Lieutenant General Frank Maxwell Andrews?
Get to know the story behind Andrews Air Force Base and the man it was named after, Lieutenant General Frank Maxwell Andrews. Learn the fascinating history of the base and all the important figures involved.
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The Air Force One Record-Setting Flight of 1963 - Breaking a Soviet Myth
On May 20th, 1963, the Washington Post reported on the record-setting flight of Air Force One, the US presidential jet, from Washington to Moscow. This flight shattered a Soviet myth and interred quietly a USSR-created myth of the US not having a plane that could make the trip non-stop.
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