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If Walls Could Talk: Embassy of Ireland
St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but that is only the climax of the love affair between our country and The Emerald Isle. Everyone has, or claims to have, some link back to Ireland. My wife firmly places her heritage on that island, but alas, I trace my roots back to Ayrshire and the Scottish Lowlands — I don’t think the Irish will hold this against me. Everyone’s favorite...
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Where Can You Have an Embassy in Washington, D.C.?
You can't build an embassy anywhere in D.C. Check out this map from 1987 showing where it's okay to have your diplomatic mission in Washington, D.C.
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Exploring the Old Spanish Embassy at 1521 New Hampshire Ave. NW in 1911
Take a look back in time to 1911 and explore the Old Spanish Embassy at 1521 New Hampshire Ave. NW. Check it out today on Google Street View.
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A Look Back in Time: President Coolidge Visiting President Machado at the Cuban Embassy in 1927
Take a look back in time to April 22nd, 1927 when President Calvin Coolidge visited President Gerardo Machado at the Cuban Embassy. See the historic photo from the Library of Congress.
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Take a Trip Back in Time: An Incredible Photo of the Cuban Embassy at 2630 16th St. NW in 1937
Take a trip back in time with this incredible photo of the Cuban Embassy at 2630 16th St. NW in Washington, DC in 1937. Source: Library of Congress.
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A Look Back at the British Embassy in Washington DC in 1917
Get a glimpse into the past with this 1917 photo of the British Embassy in Washington DC. See what the old embassy looks like today with a Google Map of the same intersection.
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Proposed Demolition of McLean Gardens; Replaced by Embassy Complex
McLean Gardens in Cleveland Park was almost razed and replaced by a complex of foreign embassies.
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Amazing 1888 Photo of Windom House at 16th St. & Mass Ave (Now Australian Embassy)
Get a glimpse into the past and check out this amazing 1888 photo of the Windom House at 16th St. & Mass Ave in Washington, D.C. - now the site of the Australian Embassy. Source: Historical Society of Washington, D.C.
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A Glimpse Into History: An Old Photograph of the Cuban Embassy on 16th Street
Get a glimpse into history with this amazing old photograph of the Cuban Embassy on 16th Street. See the image and read more about it from the Library of Congress!
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The Italian Embassy at 16th and Fuller: A Sad Reminder of What It Once Was
The Italian embassy at 16th & Fuller is a tragic reminder of its former glory. Learn the history of this sad building and what it used to be in its heyday.
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Exploring the History of the New French Embassy in Washington, DC
Americans have a complex relationship with France, and the French embassy in Washington, DC has a fascinating history of its own. Learn more about the embassy, and see photos of the building from the 1910s.
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Exploring the History of the Kenyan Embassy in Washington D.C.
From the former residence of California's Senator James Phelan to the Embassy of Sweden and then the Embassy of Kenya, explore the history of the Kenyan Embassy in Washington D.C. Learn about the royal visit, the accidental vandalism and the 40th anniversary celebration of the embassy.
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Arrival of First Japanese Embassy at the Navy Yard (1860)
In January 1860, the Tokugawa shogunate sent a delegation to the United States with the primary objective of ratifying the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation (aka, the Harris Treaty). Commodore Matthew Perry (not Chandler) had opened Japan (forcefully) in 1854 and this was the first Japanese diplomatic mission sent to the United States. This historic event is particularly...
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The Story of Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska's Mansion
Billionaire Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska's mansion at 2501 30th St. NW was raided by the FBI last week. Everyone's Googling around for details on Deripaska, but naturally, we're more interested in the history of the property.
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If Walls Could Talk: Ted's Bulletin and 505 8th St. SE on Capitol Hill
We're headed to Capitol Hill to explore one of Bryce Harper's favorite haunts and a place where the President has popped in for lunch. Learn about the history of the building and its former tenant, District Lock & Hardware.
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If Walls Could Talk: The New LivingSocial Live Events Center
I came across a great idea while reading Prince of Petworth’s post on LivingSocial yesterday. The DC-based company just opened up their “live events center” in a building at 918 F St. NW, which was the former National Union Building. It’s a magnificently beautiful Romanesque building, six stories tall. This one certainly has a colorful history, so it’s going to make for...
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Sixteenth Street Heights Map in 1910
This old map shows Sixteenth Street Heights real estate plots laid out in 1910.
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Harry Wardman's Woodley Park Homes
Harry Wardman was a prolific developer of Northwest in the 1920s. This ad from The Evening Star shows some of his homes on Cathedral Ave. in Woodley Park.
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Mary Surratt Boarding House is Now a Chinese Restaurant
Mary Surratt's boarding house is a Chinese restaurant, still standing just around the corner from Gallery Place Metro. Today, it's Wok and Roll.
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Explore Dupont Circle in 1919 with this Map
Take a journey through time and explore Dupont Circle in 1919 using this vintage map from the Library of Congress. See what used to be the British Embassy at the intersection of Connecticut and N St.
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Vitaly Churkin, Soviet Diplomat, Testifies on the Hill
This was the first time an official of the Soviet Union testified before a House committee, by Vitaly Churkin, in an attempt to be transparent after the Chernobyl nuclear accident.
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It's Midnight in Washington...and this is the Steve Allison show: A Look Back at Fidel Castro's 1959 Visit to the Nation's Capital
Take a look back at Fidel Castro's historic visit to DC in 1959, when the Cuban leader appeared as a 'surprise' guest on the Steve Allison show at the Ceres Restaurant. What was the public perception of him then?
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Mayor Marion Barry's Proposal to Rename a Portion of Mass. Ave. After Nelson Mandela in 1985
In 1985, Mayor Marion Barry proposed renaming a portion of Massachusetts Avenue in front of the South African Embassy after anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela. Read the interesting story from The Baltimore Sun from July 3rd, 1985.
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The Amusing Consequences of the Glen Echo Speed Limit: A Letter from a GoDCer
Read a letter from a GoDCer about the amusing consequences of the six-mile-per-hour speed limit in Glen Echo, Maryland in 1907. The story even precipitated an international incident!
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50 Years Ago Today: The Washington Post Printed an Article on the Upcoming State Visit of West Germany's Chancellor
50 years ago today, The Washington Post printed an article on the upcoming state visit of West Germany's Chancellor, Ludwig Erhard. Kennedy was in Dallas that day and the visit never happened. Read the full story here.
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The Washington Post Story of Austria Owing the District Back Taxes 50 Years Ago
On this date, 50 years ago, The Washington Post printed a story about the government of Austria owing the District back taxes on their embassy for lack of payment during World War II. The Austrians have been billed since the property was registered in their name the whole time. Find out if the bill was ever paid.
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The Unlikely Fairy Tale of Baron Bodisco and Harriet Williams: A May-December Romance in Gtown
Discover the unlikely fairy tale of Baron Bodisco and Harriet Williams, a May-December romance in Georgetown. Learn about the scandal, wedding and happy years together before his death and her remarriage. Follow the beautiful bride and famous groomsmen to the White House for dinner.
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The Government Printing Office: World's Largest Printing Office in 1916
Learn about the impressive Government Printing Office, once the world's largest printing office in 1916. Explore the documents, photos and history of the GPO, and its role in making US diplomatic relations more transparent.
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A Glimpse of Washington DC in 1916 Through the Ford Motor Company's Archives
Take a glimpse into Washington DC in 1916 with these stunning images from the Ford Motor Company's archives! See the Ford building under construction and the location of the current Canadian Embassy.
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Fidel Castro in Washington, DC in 1959: A Photo Essay
Relive Fidel Castro's visit to Washington, DC in 1959. This photo essay takes a look at a young Castro, his visit to Meridian Hill Park and his arrival at National Airport. A fascinating look at a revolutionary leader from our own backyard.
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