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50 Years Ago Today: The Washington Post Printed an Article on the Upcoming State Visit of West Germany's Chancellor
50 years ago today, The Washington Post printed an article on the upcoming state visit of West Germany's Chancellor, Ludwig Erhard. Kennedy was in Dallas that day and the visit never happened. Read the full story here.
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The Cherry Tree Rebellion: How Jefferson's Memorial Spurred a Revolt
The dramatic 1938 Cherry Tree Rebellion saw D.C. women chaining themselves to cherry trees to stop removal for the Jefferson Memorial. Learn the story behind the controversial protest over commemorating Jefferson's legacy.
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The Whitehurst Freeway: Diverting Traffic Around Georgetown Since 1949
The Whitehurst Freeway has been diverting traffic around Georgetown since 1949. Learn more about the history of this elevated expressway, its role in the city's infrastructure, and the battles over freeways in the late 1960s.
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1900s Frozen in Time at 14th and Pennsylvania Avenue
This incredibly detailed photo of Pennsylvania tells a story when you zoom in. Read the post to learn more.
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Trucks Driving Down Pennsylvania Avenue in 1919
A stunning old photo of trucks on parade, going west down Pennsylvania Ave. towards the White House.
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Hear the Voice of Walter Johnson, The Greatest Pitcher of All Time
Thanks to the magic of the Internet Archive, we were able to uncover an audio recording of Walter Johnson, the greatest pitcher of all time. Hear his voice from 1939 and learn about the game's box score from The Washington Post.
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Constitution Avenue Almost Renamed Franklin or L'Enfant Avenue
Constitution Avenue used to be named B Streets. That wasn't impressive enough so Congress had a few options.
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J.P. Morgan, the Senate Reception Room Bombing & the Attempted Murder of J.P. Morgan in July 1915
Learn about the attempted murder of J.P. Morgan in July 1915 and its connection to a bomb that exploded in the Senate Reception Room. Discover the backstory of J.P. Morgan in 1919 and its role in US foreign relations in Paris.
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Where Was the Last Farm in Washington, DC?
Where was the last farm in Washington, DC? It was located in Congress Heights, in southeast and was gone by 1939.
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Three People You Didn't Know Were From D.C.
Warren Buffett, Ben Feldman, and Patch Adams were all from the Washington DC area.
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