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Taking a Look at Georgetown Maps from 1903

Take a journey through Georgetown's past with these detailed maps from 1903. Explore the buildings that still stand today and leave your comments below.
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These are amazing. Take your time studying them because there are so many incredible details in them. Click on them for larger versions.

1903 map of Georgetown
1903 map of Georgetown

Below is one showing the waterfront. This one is pretty cool.

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1903 map of Georgetown waterfront
1903 map of Georgetown waterfront

Here’s one showing upper Georgetown and a little of Rock Creek. You’ll also notice there is no bridge over Q St.

1903 map of Georgetown
1903 map of Georgetown

Here’s a view up what is Wisconsin Ave.

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1903 map of Wisconsin Ave.
1903 map of Wisconsin Ave.

This shows western Georgetown up to the college.

map of Georgetown
map of Georgetown

Source: Library of Congress

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Take a look through all of these maps. See what you can find and add your comments below. A lot of the buildings still stand today and have been repurposed.

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