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Day: February 7, 2014

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Visit the Ruins of Seneca Quarry (Yes, Real Ruins!)
There are real ruins that you can visit in Montgomery County off the C&O Canal. We highly recommend you check them out.
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Exploring the Suffrage March Line from March 4th, 1913
Take a look back at a moment in history with this interesting drawing of the suffrage march line from March 4th, 1913. Source: Library of Congress.
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Exploring the Outlines of Proposed Roads on a 1907 Map of Takoma Park
Take a look at this amazing 1907 map of Takoma Park and explore the outlines of proposed roads in and around the area. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
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Exploring the History of Chevy Chase Through an Advertisement From 1922
Explore the history of Chevy Chase with this advertisement from 1922. Learn more about this Washington DC neighborhood from the past. #ChevyChase #History #WashingtonDC
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The 1913 Washington Post Story of the Runaway Horse and Carriage
A wild story from The Washington Post in 1913 about a runaway horse & carriage in Washington DC. Read the full story, plus learn more about George Bowman, the liveryman, and Harry L. McCormick, who rescued the baby.
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