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Posted In January 7, 2013

Anacostia and Good Hope Road in 1916
A Look Back in Time: How Good Hope Road in Anacostia Looked in 1916
Take a look back in time and explore how Good Hope Road in Anacostia looked in 1916. See the amazing photos and learn more about the history of this area.
The White House East Wing as viewed from the south
1930s White House Photo of the East Wing
Take a look back at the White House of the 1920s or 1930s with this Library of Congress photo. We explore what the East Wing looked like from the south in this blog post.
Harry Atwood takes off from the South Lawn - July 14th, 1911
Witnessing History: Harry Atwood's Historic Flight to the White House in 1911
Witness the history of aviation! Read about Harry Atwood's historic flight to the White House in 1911, shared by GoDCer Mike. See the picture, read the Washington Post article, and more!

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