Day: September 7, 2012

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Josh Gibson, Homestead Grays

Don’t Forget Josh Gibson

We have posted a couple times about the legendary slugger Josh Gibson. He is both a fascinating subject to learn about and a terribly tragic figure. We came across this short biographical clip that we thought we should share.

Marlow and Hillcrest Heights real estate advertisement - 1955

Live Better at Marlow and Hillcrest Heights

Here is another great real estate advertisement from east of the river … and east of the District line. This is a real estate advertisement for homes in Marlow Heights and Hillcrest Heights back in 1955, the Eisenhower years.

Washington Redskins: 1942 NFL Champions

Sunday is our first game and the beginning of RGIII in D.C. Let’s bring back some pride to the Washington Redskins. And we’d like to give a quick shout out to GoDCer, and giant Redskins, fan Drew at Meridian Pint.

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