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September 7, 2012

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A Short Biographical Video About Legendary Slugger Josh Gibson
Check out this short biographical video about the legendary slugger Josh Gibson. Learn more about his fascinating life and tragic death. This video is a great introduction to Josh Gibson, one of the most remarkable figures in baseball history.
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Real Estate Ads from Marlow Heights and Hillcrest Heights in 1955
Take a look back at real estate ads from Marlow Heights and Hillcrest Heights in the Eisenhower years of 1955. This advertisement offers a glimpse into the past of these two neighborhoods in Washington, DC.
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The 1942 NFL Championship Game: When the Washington Redskins Humiliated the Chicago Bears 73 to 0
It was 1942, the United States was in World War II and the Washington Redskins were playing the Chicago Bears in the NFL Championship Game. Relive the 73-0 shellacking the Redskins put on the Bears and the last time helmets were not required for the NFL.
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