Day: May 1, 2012

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Early Ads For Suburbs of Connecticut Avenue Highlands

Here is an excellent old advertisement from the Washington Times real estate section. This is way back in 1906. Click on the ad to read it close up. Related articles Congress Heights: The Healthiest and Most Delightful Suburb of Washington

Rambler Bicycles advertisement in the Washington Times - July 31st, 1895

Rambler Bicycles Use the Fastest Tires on Earth

This city loves bikes … okay, a few angry drivers hate bikes, but they should work through those issues. WABA is a huge local advocate for our region, pushing for the greener form of transportation. Capital Bikeshare has also exploded

Walter Johnson in 1907

19-Year-Old Phenom Debuts For Washington: Walter Johnson

Ryan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg and now Bryce Harper. We have had some serious players groomed in the Nationals organization over the last several years. I love these guys, but none of them compare to the granddaddy of them all …

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