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The Rise and Fall of the Chevy Chase Ice Palace and Sports Center
Discover the history of the Chevy Chase Ice Palace and Sports Center in Washington, DC, from its opening day in 1938 to its demolition in late 2019. Learn about the ice rink, bowling alley, pool hall, Best & Co. clothing store, and more!
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A ‘Nervous’ Elvis Appears on Jimmy Dean’s WMAL-TV Show
Elvis Presley gave a short interview to Jimmy Dean on WMAL on March 23, 1956, a few weeks after he had released "Heartbreak Hotel."
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A Window into the Past: A Look at the TV Guide from 1955
Take a look into the past with this 1955 TV Guide from the National Archives! See what was popular in the 1950s with Pinky Lee, CONCERNING MISS MARLOWE, Hoppity Skippity and more. Plus, find out which TV star has been around since 1954: Betty White!
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