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Analysing the Washington Times of May 16th, 1912 - Roosevelt's Sure Nomination
Explore the Washington Times of May 16th, 1912, and the sure nomination of Theodore Roosevelt in the presidential election of 1912. Learn more about this historic event and the newspaper's coverage.
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Revisiting the Epic 1912 Presidential Election Between Taft and Roosevelt Through the Pages of the Washington Times
Get a glimpse into the epic 1912 presidential election between Taft and Roosevelt through the pages of the Washington Times from May 15th, 101 years ago. See the front and back page of the newspaper from that day.
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Exploring the History of William Howard Taft: A Photographic Journey
Explore the history of William Howard Taft with this photographic journey! See images of Taft at the baseball game in 1912 and 1916 and learn more about the 27th president of the United States.
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100 Years Ago Today: Captain A.H. Rostron Awarded Congressional Medal at White House
100 years ago today, Captain A.H. Rostron was presented with a Congressional Medal in the East Room of the White House by President Taft for "acts of unusual heroism." Read our post to learn more about the award and the Titanic connection to President Taft.
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