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Donald Rumsfeld's Opinion Piece on Political Appointments to the Post Office Department
Relive the past and read Donald Rumsfeld's 1966 opinion piece on the removal of political appointments from the Post Office Department. Learn more about the 13th district Congressman from Illinois elected in 1962.
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Scooters at the Post Office in 1917: A Segway Vibe Before There Was Segway
Check out this old photo from 1917 showing Post Office postmen on scooters at the Post Office in Washington D.C. It's a Segway vibe, but before the Segway! Check out the location and photo here!
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Can You Identify This Spot from This 1916 Washington, DC Photo?
Take a guess at where this spot is in Washington, DC from this 1916 photo! See if you can identify it this weekend and get a glimpse into the past.
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