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not really a bomb

Dumbass Causes Bomb Scare at State, War and Navy Building

Things were quite different about a century ago. People were a little more trusting, maybe naïve or innocent. I think this short piece in the Washington Post from January 9th, 1916 illustrates this perfectly. If this happened today, you can bet

Photo showing a portion of the line waiting admission to the White House today

Thousands Wait in Line to Visit White House

Check out this photograph from January 2nd, 1922. This is the line of people waiting to get into the White House. The line stretches all the way up 17th St., across Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the State, War and

State, War, and Navy Building late 19th century by William Henry Jackson

Incredible Photo of State, War, Navy Building

This is an incredible photo that needs no commentary. It was taken by William Henry Jackson some time near the end of the 19th century. I came across this on a cool photo archive site Photographium. Click the image for

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