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A Spectacular Sight: 1917 Photo of the State, War, and Navy Building Flying French, U.S., and British Flags
A spectacular sight from 1917: French, U.S., and British flags flying from the State, War, and Navy Building. View the photo and read more here!
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Unseen Angle: Dazzling View of the Washington Monument From the Old State, War, and Navy Building
Take a look at this stunning, never-before-seen old photograph of the Washington Monument, as viewed from the old State, War, and Navy Building. Get a unique angle of the Monument and learn more about a historic building in our nation's capital.
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View of the State, War and Navy Building From the Rose Garden
What a terrific old photo of the State, War and Navy Building around the turn of the century. State, War and Navy Building
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The First Red Scare: A Communist Protest in Washington, DC in 1928
Explore the history of the First Red Scare in Washington, DC in 1928, with an article about a protest outside the State, War and Navy Building. Learn about the labor movement and how it pushed socialist and communist ideologies on the working class.
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How Naivety and Trust a Century Ago Would be Met with a Different Response Today
Are people today less trusting, more wary, and more aware? A century ago, when a man asked what would prevent him from planting a bomb, the response was vastly different. Read this blog post to see how times have changed.
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Witnessing History: The Line of People Waiting to Get Into the White House on January 2nd, 1922
Take a look back in time to January 2nd, 1922, when a line of people stretched up 17th St., across Pennsylvania Ave., and down the White House driveway. This is a snapshot of history!
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Incredible Photo of State, War, Navy Building
State, War, and Navy Building late 19th century by William Henry Jackson This is an incredible photo that needs no commentary. It was taken by William Henry Jackson some time near the end of the 19th century. I came across this on a cool photo archive site Photographium. Click the image for a high-resolution shot. Related articles Spooky Colorized Photo of Washington Opera Singer  Colorized...
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