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Jefferson and Varina Davis in 1869

Mrs. Jefferson Davis Visits White House in 1866

How fascinating is this article that we dug up in The Baltimore Sun. This is correspondence from Washington, printed on May 25th, 1866. At the time, the former President of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis, was imprisoned at Fortress Monroe, near Hampton, Virginia. Mrs. Jefferson Davis, accompanied by her maid only, arrived this morning from Fortress […]

Mayflower Hotel Maid Finds Woman Near Death; Husband Shoots Self Through Heart

This title is worthy of a big #WTF. Posts like this are sadly some of the more popular ones. I don’t know if GoDCers are attracted to the macabre, but it sure seems that way. So here’s another one for “From the Crazy Vault.” This is a crazy story of a military officer who shoots his […]

The Siege of Washington

Read This Book: The Siege of Washington

Buy this book and then read it (I bought the Kindle version). It is an excellent window into life in Washington City in the days after the fall of Fort Sumter. It chronicles life in the District starting April 14th, 1861. Word had spread to Washington that the Union flag was lowered over Fort Sumter. […]

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