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Photograph showing the General Post Office building in Washington, D.C. (1860-1878)
A Glimpse of History: An Old Photograph of F Street's General Post Office in the 1860s
Take a look back in time with this old photograph of the General Post Office on F Street in Washington, DC during the 1860s. Glimpse a piece of history and see what DC looked like over 150 years ago!
General Post Office from the corner of 8th Street and E Street, NW, Washington, D.C., the shop of Elija Dyer, merchant tailor, on the left
The Old Post Office at 8th and E Street, NW - An 1846 Daguerreotype from John Plumbe
Take a look back in time to the Old Post Office in Washington, DC in 1846 with this beautiful daguerreotype taken by John Plumbe. Get a taste of history and learn more about the Postal Service with this incredible photo.

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