Notable People & Places, Other Cool Stuff / 27.02.2012

Here's an interesting story from the end of World War II. Near the end of the war, the Crowned Prince of Iraq, Abdul Ilah was due to visit Washington and newly inaugurated President Truman (Roosevelt died only a little over a month earlier). Below is an article from the Washington Post, on May 10th, a couple of weeks before the visit.
Prince Abdul Ilah, regent and heir apparent to the throne of Iraq, will visit the United States May 28 at the invitation of President Truman. White House Press Secretary Jonathan Daniels said yesterday the Prince will remain several days as the President's guest and later visit other sections of the United States "to acquaint himself with various aspects of American cultural, scientific and economic life."
Historical Events, Notable People & Places / 11.01.2012

One of the most powerful and important inaugural addresses of all time, this is something worth watching in its entirety. The whole speech is below if you'd like to read it. This is a truly amazing and powerful speech. If you want to skip to the famous quote, start watching at 13:45. The full text of the speech is below if you'd like to read along.