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Old plat of Georgetown (gutenberg.org)
Two Incredible Old Maps of Georgetown
Check out these two incredible old maps showing Georgetown! We know how much GoDCers love maps, so here you go. A street map and a detailed plat of Georgetown.
Georgetown's gun barrel fence
The History of Georgetown's Gun Barrel Fence From the War of 1812
Discover the fascinating history of Georgetown's gun barrel fence, made from 364 reclaimed muskets from the Washington Navy Yard during the War of 1812. Read the full story here!
Georgetown University advertisement - September 3rd, 1911 (Washington Times)
Comparing College Tuition Prices in 1911 to Today
Wondering how college tuition prices have changed over the years? Read this comparison of college tuition prices in 1911 vs. today to see how much it has changed. #collegetuition #tuitionfees
Georgetown University football team in 1927 (source: georgetown.edu)
Hilltop Football Victory Wins Bride for Student: The 1928 Story of Marjorie Morris and F Stanley Nishwitz
In 1928, a football victory at Georgetown University resulted in a surprise wedding for Marjorie Morris and F Stanley Nishwitz. Read the story of this unique bet and the final score that rang the wedding bells!
1321 33rd St. NW in Georgetown house on left (Google Street View)
A DC Story From 1321 33rd St. NW: Alexander Graham Bell, The Kennedys, General Douglas MacArthur and More
A wonderful story from GoDCer Sharon about her great great grandfather purchasing the house at 1321 33rd St. NW from Alexander Graham Bell, the Kennedys living around the corner, and General Douglas MacArthur's wife living next door. Read the amazing DC story here!
Medical students dissect a cadaver during the Civil War (National Museum of Civil War Medicine)
The Gruesome Tale of Charles Shaw & Grave Robbing in 19th Century DC
Discover the gruesome tale of Charles Shaw, convicted of murdering his sister & sentenced to death in 1883 DC. Unearth the dark world of 19th century body-harvesting & grave-robbing for medical research in this macabre story.
John Bruebaker's death certificate (Congressional Cemetery)
Georgetown Canal Boatmen Brawl; Brutal Fight Ends in Murder
I was poking around the archives of both The Washington Post and The Washington Times to come across a gem of a story to share and the one that caught my eye involved two Georgetown boatmen engaged in a brutal fight to the death. Reading through any article titled “Murder in Georgetown,” you’re primed for a taste of some horrid scandal or macabre titillation that a Ghosts of DC reader has come to expect. C&O Canal from Wisconsin Avenue Bridge, Georgetown circa 1920...
Washington's Joe Judge sliding at home
Highlighting an Old Local Baseball Hero: Joe Judge
Learn about Joe Judge, Washington's first baseman for almost 18 seasons starting in 1915 up until 1932. Joe was a fine ball player, batting .300 or higher in nine seasons and set a number of American League records. Read about his career and his embrace of the city of Washington.
Georgetown view in 1801
John Adams Makes Washington, D.C. Official Capital
Why is Washington, DC the capital? John Adams rode from Philadelphia to DC over an entire week. Read the story of his full journey.
David Burnes' cottage in 1894 prior to razing (PGCist on Flickr)
Washington is Composed of Land from 19 Original Owners
19 original landowners were negotiated with, directly by George Washington in March, 1791. He met them during the day and in the evening, closed the deal with them at Suter's Tavern in Georgetown.

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