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Patrick Brennan: The Irish Minister's Son Delivering a Radio Address from His Home in 1938
Take a look back in time as we revisit the bizarre moment when Patrick Brennan, the son of the Irish Minister, gave a brief radio address from his home in Washington, D.C. in 1938. Read the full story here!
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The State Department, Cupid, and Reciprocal Trade Agreements: Examining Washington, DC in 1936
This blog post examines the 1936 Washington Post article detailing the U.S. State Department's refusal to make a reciprocal trade agreement with Cupid. We observe a great tongue-in-cheek opening line and learn how the diplomatic circle in DC has changed over the years.
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Exploring Canada's Diplomatic History in Washington, DC: Vincent Massey and the 1927 "New Kids in Class
Explore the diplomatic history between Canada and the US through the 1927 arrival of Vincent Massey, the first Canadian diplomat posted to Washington, DC. Learn more about the "new kids in class" phenomenon and how embassies are accepted into their new community.
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A Brief Introduction, the Countess, and the "Lovely Visitor from Canada"
This is the first guest post by Jason R. This blog is about “uncovering stories that have long been forgotten.” It is about knowing a “little more” about the community we find ourselves in. I know that Mr. Ghosts of DC is fascinated by history, but as a social scientist, I’m going to push a little bit further. The reason why this blog is interesting (and what I hope to do with this little...
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