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Uncovering the Sad Truth: Slave Pens Were Everywhere in Washington in the 1860s
Uncovering the sad truth of the past, Slave Pens existed in and around all of Washington in the 1860s. This photo shows one of those in Alexandria during the 1860s. Learn more at the Library of Congress.
Alexandria, Va. Steam frigate Pensacola. Photographs of the Federal Navy, and seaborne expeditions against the Atlantic Coast of the Confederacy -- the Federal Navy, 1861-1865.
Incredible Civil War Photos of Alexandria, VA: The Steam Frigate Pensacola in 1861
Take a look at these incredible Civil War photos of Alexandria, VA from 1861. See the steam frigate Pensacola in all its glory and click on it for some amazing details. Source: Library of Congress.
Old State Department Building, corner 15 Street and Pennsylvania Avenue - photo taken during the Civil War
A Closer Look at the Old State Department Building During the Civil War
Get a better look at the Old State Department Building during the Civil War with this amazing photo. Click on it for some amazing details and find out why there are a large number of wooden boxes at the main entrance to the building.
1861 Civil War map of Virginia
Exploring the 1861 Civil War Map of Arlington by Benjamin Church
Explore the 1861 Civil War map of Arlington, a reconnaissance map created by Benjamin Church. View the unusual orientation of the map, with north being down and to the right. Click here to view a larger version and study it.
Washington, D.C. Georgetown ferry-boat carrying wagons, and Aqueduct Bridge beyond, from rocks on Mason's Island (Library of Congress)
Awe-Inspiring Detail: An Incredible Photograph of Georgetown Ferry-Boat Carrying Wagons and Aqueduct Bridge Beyond
Be amazed by the incredible detail in this photograph of Georgetown ferry-boat carrying wagons and Aqueduct Bridge beyond, taken from rocks on Mason's Island. Click to view the larger version!

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