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Tag: Aqueduct Bridge

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Beautiful View of Aqueduct Bridge in 1860s
What an amazing old image of Aqueduct Bridge (check out this cool postcard). Aqueduct Bridge, Georgetown, D.C., looking toward Washington Source: Library of Congress Here are some more amazing photos if you’d like to spend way too much time on the Internet.
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Boat Club by Aqueduct Bridge
Here’s a great shot that we found on Flickr. It’s the boat club just above Aqueduct Bridge (or where Key Bridge is today). boat club Source: D.C. Public Library
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Aqueduct Bridge in 1898
Avid GoDC commenter Mike, sent along this great shot of the old Aqueduct Bridge. It’s a really cool photograph from 1898, and in the foreground, you can see the Connecticut Pie Company wagon. Aqueduct Bridge in 1898
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Amazing 1874 View of Analoston and Aqueduct Bridge
This is awesome. Thanks to Georgetown University for this one. Analoston Island Source: Georgetown University Library
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Exploring the History of the Aqueduct Bridge in Washington, D.C.
Take a journey back in time to explore the history of the Aqueduct Bridge in Washington, D.C. Learn about its dismantling in the 1920s, and see a photo of what it looked like in the 1860s.
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