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Posted In April 24, 2014

Treasury target range completed. Washington, D.C., June 10. The Treasury Department in Washington, D.C., has installed a new and modern target range in the sub basement of the Treasury Building. The range has shielded lights and electrically operated targets, is sound proof and ventilated by a fan which removes gases almost instantly. Entrance to the firing booths is through two doors which act as an air lock and prevent sound and gas from going into the outer rooms. Left to right in the picture: R.P. Hallion, White House Police; J.E. Murphy, assistant chief, Secret Service; E.L. Warden, White House Police; E.D. Murray, chief bonus mate, Coast Guard; Frank J. Wilson, chief of Secret Service; J.J. Cash, White House Police; Adam T. Smith, gunners mate, 1st. class, Coast Guard; and Elmer Irey, coordinator, Treasury Enforcement Services, 6-10-40
Uncovering the Mystery of the 1940 Treasury Target Range
Join us as we uncover the mystery of the 1940 Treasury Target Range in Washington, D.C. We'll explore the range's shielded lights, electrically operated targets, sound proofing, and more. Learn the history behind this fascinating piece of history.
Children and parents on lawn of the White House for Easter Monday egg roll
Uncovering History: A Look at the 1944 Easter Monday Egg Roll at the White House
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