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Day: November 4, 2013

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Exploring 50 Years of History: An Ad from Washington a Day Before Kennedy's Assassination
As we approach the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination, we're taking a look back at the newspapers of the day to explore what was happening in Washington. Here's an ad from Woodward & Lothrop that ran exactly 50 years ago today.
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Rediscovering Washingtonians of the Past: Our First Video in Quite Some Time
Take a journey back in time to rediscover the Washingtonians of the past. We've put together a compilation of names and photos from 1912 to 1942. Watch our first video in quite some time here now! (P.S. Sorry for the typo in the video.)
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Recognizing Buildings in an Aerial View of Washington Circle
Take a look at this aerial view of Washington Circle along K Street in Washington, DC. How many buildings can you recognize? With a bit of help, you can even spot the Capitol Building at the top right corner. Source: Library of Congress.
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