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Day: February 7, 2013

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Exploring the History of the Park and Shop at Connecticut and Ordway in Cleveland Park
If you've ever been to Cleveland Park, you've probably seen the Park and Shop on Connecticut and Ordway. Learn more about its history, as one of the country's oldest strip malls, built in 1930 by Shannon & Luchs.
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150 Years Ago Today: An Advertisement for Soldiers Published in the Daily National Republican
150 years ago today, an advertisement for soldiers was published in the Daily National Republican. See the ad, plus an interesting warning notice about fraudulent tickets being sold!
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An Amazing Comparison: The Alexandria Waterfront in 1912 vs Today
Take a look at the amazing transformation of Alexandria's waterfront from 1912 to today! Dive into the past by comparing a 1912 Sanborn fire map to a modern Google Maps view.
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