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December 19, 2012

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1942 Washington, in Color
Street scene in Washington, D.C., winter of 1941-42. 4x5 Kodachrome transparency by Louise Rosskam, probably taken near the N and Union intersection of her other shots. Clues are the Chung Wah laundry at 1264, the J. Marucci barbershop and the A. Peterman clothing store.
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The Unbearable Heat of 1926: Washingtonians Take Refuge in Rock Creek Park
In 1926, Washingtonians were desperate to escape the unbearable heat. Some took refuge in Rock Creek Park, as seen in this photo of three Washingtonians attempting to beat the heat. Read more about this historic summer in D.C.
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A Snapshot of Life in the 1920s: Look at the Chunky Monkey on the Left
Take a look back at a snapshot of life in the 1920s with this picture from 1922. Look at the chunky monkey on the left! Learn more about life in the 1920s and this picture from the National Photo Company Collection.
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