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Day: December 17, 2012

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Washington, D.C., circa 1918. "Robert Hall, group." in color

1918 in Color: Be Prepared

Shorpy always has great photos. You can spent way too much time digging through finding gems like this. The photo below is a scene replicating Joseph Leyendecker’s BSA Liberty Loan poster for bonds during World War I. Gotta love these colorized photos, though it’s not as good as the Lincoln or Lindbergh photos. Check out the […]

Victorian-era black umbrella

Man Murdered With Umbrella Through Eyeball

Old GoDC buddy Jack sent along a crazy tale that I can only describe by saying OMFG. You’ll see what I mean. This is an article from November 10th, 1887 published in the Washington Post. The case of Beverly Jones, the young colored man charged with killing Robert Morris by plunging an umbrella through his […]

John Kerry's Georgetown residence

Three Georgetown Homes of Notable Senators

As Mrs. Ghost went Christmas shopping this past weekend, I decided to go for a walk to explore the streets of Georgetown. The part of town most tourists think of when Washington history is mentioned, Georgetown is home to innumerable notable people and some regular folk as well. This installment of “Three Things…” will highlight […]

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