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Posted In December 17, 2012

Washington, D.C., circa 1918. "Robert Hall, group." in color
A Comparative Look at the Colorized Photo of a WWI Bond Scene
Take a look at this comparative photo of a WWI bond scene by Shorpy. See the colorized photo that replicates Joseph Leyendecker's BSA Liberty Loan poster. View the before and after photos to compare the history in full color!
Victorian-era black umbrella
OMFG! A Murder by Umbrella in 19th-Century Washington, DC
OMFG! Read this crazy tale of a murder in 19th-century Washington, DC, where a man was killed with an umbrella. See an 1887 newspaper article and a map of the area today.
John Kerry's Georgetown residence
Exploring Georgetown's 3300 Blocks: Three Homes of Notable United States Senators Named John
Explore the streets of Georgetown, DC and uncover the homes of three notable United States Senators all named John - JFK, Kerry and Edwards - who all ran for president. Learn about their homes and their impact on the nation.

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