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Posted In December 4, 2012

Letter from John F. Kennedy nominating his Cabinet - January 20th, 1961
Uncovering History: The Letter John F. Kennedy Sent on Inauguration Day 1961 Nominating his Cabinet
Uncovering a piece of history: see the letter John F. Kennedy sent on Inauguration Day 1961 nominating his cabinet and watch his amazing inauguration address.
Capitol Building circa 1863
A Rare Glimpse of the Capitol Building from the Civil War: The Photograph by Mathew Brady
Take a look at this historic photograph of the Capitol Building from the Civil War, taken by the acclaimed photographer Mathew Brady. Learn about the Civil War and see the photo here.
September 1935. A closeup of the Washington, D.C., row house seen here over the weekend. "Front of old brick structure in section near Union Station. Land is low here and water collects in front and backyard after a rain and remains for many days. Entrances to privies are usually under water. Interior of homes similar in shabbiness to exterior." 35mm nitrate negative by Carl Mydans for the Resettlement Administration.
Exploring the Row Houses of Massachusetts Avenue near Union Station in 1935
Take a look back in time to explore the row houses of Massachusetts Avenue near Union Station in Washington, D.C. in 1935. See a closeup of the old brick structure and learn about the shabbiness of the interior of the homes.
"Election night crowd at White House, November 1920." The chosen one was Warren Harding. National Photo Company glass negative.
Election Night: A Look at 1920 and 2008 in Washington DC
Take a look back at Election Night 1920 and 2008 in Washington DC. See photos of the crowds that gathered and experience the elation and relief of change coming to the capital city.
George Washington University
The Renaming of Columbian College to George Washington University
In 1821, an Act of Congress established a school called Columbian College on College Hill. In 1904, the school was renamed George Washington University after the Father of His Country. Read about the renaming and the school's journey to its current location in Foggy Bottom.

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