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Posted In August 21, 2012

Potomac bathing beach - May 28, 1923 (Shorpy)
Kicking Off Summer in 1923: Potomac Bathing Beach (Shorpy)
Relive Memorial Day weekend 1923 at Potomac Bathing Beach! This amazing photo from Shorpy shows kids in the waters, kicking off summer in style. Click on the image for a closer look.
Pennsylvania Ave. film footage
A Rare Look Back in Time - A Film Clip of Pennsylvania Ave. NW Between 10th and 11th Streets Taken in 1909
Check out this incredible GoDCer contribution - a 1909 film clip of Pennsylvania Ave. NW between 10th and 11th Streets. Tom from Bethesda sent this over to share with everyone else. Watch the whole thing and marvel at how chaotic the street scene was back then.
Ethel Roosevelt in 1908 (Library of Congress)
The Roosevelt Dog Who Escaped the White House Grounds in 1909
Read about Ace, the Roosevelt bull pup who escaped the White House grounds in 1909. This article from February 6th of that year tells the story, plus find out what happened to LBJ's dog in the White House driveway.
March 21, 1927. Washington, D.C. "Ruth Jardine (at right) and class at Amaryllis show. (Shorpy)
Ruth Jardine, Daughter of William M. Jardine and Secretary of Agriculture in 1927
Ruth Jardine was the daughter of William M. Jardine, Secretary of Agriculture in 1927 and Ambassador to Egypt during President Hoover's Administration. View a photo of Ruth Jardine taken in 1927.
U.S. casualty being treated at Naktong River
Remembering a GoDCer's Story: The Tragic Death of Private Philip Thomas Hughes in Korea
This tragic story of Private Philip Thomas Hughes, a DC native killed in Korea, is a reminder of the regular people who lived in our city generations ago. Read on to learn more about his life and family.

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