June 12, 2012

Capitol Dome and Trinity Church around 1859 (13 years before Douglass moved to DC)

Frederick Douglass, a Kleptomaniac?

This is a guest post by John (from The Lion of Anacostia), cross-posted here. Frederick Douglass was no born fool, simpleton, sucker, or gump. He came up from slavery, he came up in the the streets of Jacksonian Baltimore. As has been better said by...

Emmanuel Leutze, "Westward the Course of Empire"(1861)

Go West, Young Man; Washington Is Not a Place to Live In

GoDCer Ryan sent me a cool fact — or possibly historical rumor — that I’d like to share with the rest of you. It’s a simple, yet well-known quote, but there is some debate as to whether these words were actually spoken...

James Madison Wyatt Stone in the Washington Post

Headless Body Stands and Lips Quiver on Convict’s Decapitated Dead After Hanging

Here’s another excellent story idea from Poolesville GoDCer Jack. If we gave awards for class participation, Jack would win. Thanks for all the tips. If any of you have story ideas, feel free to email tips@https://ghostsofdc.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2012/01/beatles4-1.jpg.org. The Washington Post had...