Day: May 16, 2012

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New Gonzaga College advertisement in the Washington Times - August 31st, 1913

The New Gonzaga College in 1913

Along the same lines as the earlier post today with the St. Albans advertisement, here is another prominent (and old) local school. Gonzaga had just built their Main Building in 1912, now named Dooley Hall. Read their Wikipedia page for

Jasper Johns Artwork Priced at $40?

This is a guest post by Aaron. Washington art fans might have unwrapped some top-notch holiday gifts in December 1960.  A hip gallery just south of Dupont Circle featured the work of up-and-coming artists for a brief Christmas sale.  New prints

"Tilden or Blood" by Thomas Nast in Harper's weekly - Febuary 17th 1877 (Wikipedia)

What Happened on Election Day in 1876?

If you’re a history buff — and a presidential history buff — you’re well aware of the 1876 U.S. Presidential election. This is not a post about that. You can read up on the whole election on Wikipedia as well

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