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Thomas Circle in 1943
A Look at Thomas Circle in 1943, Plus Historical Photos and a Map
Take a look at Thomas Circle in 1943 and see what it looked like in 1920, 1888, and 1921 with photos and a map from the Library of Congress.
Traffic, 14th & Thomas Circle
A Closer Look at Thomas Circle in the 1920s
Take a closer look at the beauty of Thomas Circle in the 1920s with this incredible photo. Click on it for a larger version and study it for a while. | GhostsofDC.org
The Ford Model T Torpedo Runabout: An Affordable Classic Car
The Ford Model T Torpedo Runabout was an affordable classic car produced by the Ford Motor Company from 1911 to 1912. It featured a distinctive body style, a 2.9-liter inline-four engine, and a two-speed planetary transmission. Now a valuable collector's item, the Torpedo Runabout is a classic car enthusiast's dream.
Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 2.52
Exploring Thomas Circle in 1888: A Sanborn Fire Insurance Map
Take a virtual tour of Thomas Circle in 1888 with this Sanborn Fire Insurance Map. See the yellow wooden frame structures and the pink brick buildings of the area.
Thomas Circle in 1921 (Shorpy)
Take a Look at Thomas Circle Around 1921
Take a look at this amazing photo of Thomas Circle around 1921. Click on the image for a larger version, so you can marvel at it for a while. These images were dug up on Shorpy!

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