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The Pentagon

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A Rare Photo of the Pentagon From Above
Get a birds-eye view of the Pentagon from the 1940s with this rare photo. Enjoy a glimpse of a bit of history and the War Department with this aerial shot captured by Theodor Horydczak.
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Exploring Arlington: Aerial Photos of Washington National and the Pentagon, and Spout Run near Lee Highway and Dead Man's Hollow
Explore Arlington, VA with two great photos sent in by GoDCer Ken. The first is an aerial photo around Washington National and the Pentagon. The second is Spout Run near Lee Highway and Dead Man's Hollow.
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Uncovering the Lost History of Arlington Beach – A Photo Journey Through Time
Explore the lost history of Arlington Beach in the 1920s, with stunning photos from the National Photo Company Collection. See kids playing at the amusement park, near the Pentagon today, in 1925 and 1923.
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