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The Evening Star

11th & Penna. Ave. Post Office Dept., Evening Star Building

1920s Photo of 11th and Pennsylvania Avenue

What a cool street scene on Pennsylvania Ave. This was taken some time in the 1920s. Source: Library of Congress

Finally Found Another Photo of Officer Sprinkle!

On the chance that something related to our favorite police officer had been added to the Library of Congress archives, we ran a quick search this weekend, and sure enough … something came up. Below is a photo from an...
Washington Heights Home for Sale

Washington Heights Home for Sale; $8,500 in 1904

Imagine living blocks from Adams Morgan’s 18th Street, owning a home that cost just $8,500. If you were around in 1904, a home on Mintwood Place could have been yours. Even taking into consideration inflation, you’d still have a deal....