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Baltimore Sun - November 12th, 1845

For Sale: 460 Acres of Land on Rock Creek

Here is an old classified advertisement from The Baltimore Sun, printed on November 12th, 1845. In the ad, you'll see some interesting property for sale,...
Tenleytown Metro

Tenleytown, Tennallytown, or Tenallytown?

The etymological history of neighborhoods and towns in the area are popular topics of conversation for GoDCers. One area of great interest here in...

When Did Tennallytown Become Tenleytown?

Most GoDCers know that Wisconsin Avenue used to be called High Street in Georgetown and further up was known as Tennallytown Road. The history...
Chevy Chase Circle (Wikipedia)

Three Things That Happened At Chevy Chase Circle

We haven't done a "Three Things..." post in a while, so let's go to the far reaches of the District, up to the Maryland...

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