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The Evolution of Taxi Fares in Washington D.C. from Zone System to Meters
For 70+ years, DC taxis used zone fares, but proposals for meters instead sparked endless debates. This history explores DC's zone system, the battle over meters vs. zones, and how meters finally replaced zones in 2008.
What's a Herdic Cab? What Did They Look Like?
A herdic cab is a type of horse-drawn carriage, used as an omnibus, invented by Peter Herdic of Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania in 1881.
D.C. cab fars in 1947
How Much Did a Taxi Cost in DC in 1947? Unbelievable Rates Revealed
Take a look at what it cost to take a taxi in Washington D.C. in 1947. You won't believe your eyes when you see the unbelievable rates revealed in this article from The Washington Post. Plus, find out who is taking a cab from D.C. to Charlottesville or Gettysburg.
taxi driver in Washington around 1935
Uncovering the Mystery of a Taxi Driver in Washington, 1935
This evening I'm coming across a number of great photos and sharing them piecemeal. Uncovering the mystery of a taxi driver in Washington, 1935 is one of them. Be prepared for a big photo week coming up!
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Representative Francis Shoemaker Arrested for Assaulting Taxi Driver in 1934
In 1934, Minnesota Representative Francis Shoemaker was arrested for assaulting a taxi driver in Washington, DC. Read the full story here to learn more about this incident from the Baltimore Sun.
1937 Chevy taxi
A Revenge Crime on the Potomac: The 1937 Taxi Dumped in the River and the Fateful Gamble of Maurice 'Buddy' Sweeney
This is the story of a revenge crime on the Potomac in 1937. A taxi was pushed into the river and the police soon had their suspect, Maurice 'Buddy' Sweeney, an auto mechanic and numbers writer. How did he end up in the middle of gambling kingpin Emmitt Warring's racket?

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