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Rutherford B. Hayes Inauguration: Photos from 1877
Not many remember Rutherford B. Hayes, but we'd like to shine a light on the 19th President with a series of photos from his 1877 Inauguration. See the Senate wing of the U.S. Capitol, inauguration stand, and more!
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Forget What You've Heard: Frederick Douglass Was a Howard University Man
Discover the long-lasting legacy of Frederick Douglass at Howard University, from raising funds to receiving an honorary doctorate to testifying before Congress. Read about his speech at Howard in 1878.
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What Happened on Election Day in 1876?
National Republican – Tuesday, November 7th, 1876 If you’re a history buff — and a presidential history buff — you’re well aware of the 1876 U.S. Presidential election. This is not a post about that. You can read up on the whole election on Wikipedia as well as the resulting “corrupt bargain,” the Compromise of 1877 — ending military occupation...
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