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1961 Washington Redskins
Only the Dallas Cowboys Saved the Washington Redskins from Complete Disaster in 1961
In 1961, the Washington Redskins were the only NFL team without a black player on their roster. Dallas Cowboys saved the Redskins from complete disaster that year, and the power of the federal government, coupled with the Redskins' owner, forced the 'Skins to integrate. Learn more about how the Redskins overcame their all-white team in 1961.
Sambo and His Funny Noises
It’s Shocking to See the Racism of 100 Years Ago: A Look at Sambo and His Funny Noises
Take a look at this comic strip from The Sunday Star, printed on January 5th, 1908. It's just shocking to see the blatant racism of 100 years ago, as shown in this strip called Sambo and His Funny Noises.
Richard and Patty Nixon in 1952
Senator Nixon Signs Discriminatory Restrictive Covenant
Richard Nixon, senator from California and Vice President of the United States once signed a restrictive covenant preventing African-Americans from buying his home in American University Park.
Fairlawn real estate advertisement from the Washington Herald - July 22nd, 1911
Exploring the Racist Real Estate Ad from 1911 for Fairlawn in Anacostia
This blog post explores a real estate advertisement from 1911 for Fairlawn in Anacostia, DC. It provides a harsh window into a very different and blatantly racist time in Washington. Read to learn more about this area's history.

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